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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh No!

Not ANOTHER car post!!!!

I replaced the drivebelt and tensioner on the Cavalier last month and - naturally - the water pump started to show signs of failing. Rather than wait for it to do so...I figured I'd just replace it before it went.

You know...I 've kept that car remarkably well for the past 5 years. Yay me.

I'm going to start biking to work again.

Because my weight is now almost 240 lbs (again).

Because I'm having difficulty seeing my feet (again).

Because I'm having difficulty fitting into the new clothes I bought during the summer.

Annnnd...I'm showing signs of severe Sleep Apnea (again).

That fancy aluminum-framed Schwinn that I traded the old Schwinn World Sport for last spring is probably going to be my new new ride. I supposedly got it for L, but she never has, and probably never will, ever ride it. The Apollo will be relegated to summertime duty. I will need to patch up some of my gear, however. Right now, the Schwinn needs a new rear tube...

I'm riding tomorrow, because L needs the car again.

More later.

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