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Monday, June 15, 2009

A man needs goals, so here are my current ones:

1. Swap the engine from the van with the busted transmission to the van with the cracked block. Scrap the wreck and sell the repaired vehicle for a decent price.

2. Clean the garage. All the newsprint, motor oil, and scrap metal needs to be GONE. See goal #1 for how I'm going to manage to haul all that refuse to where it needs to go.

3. Hire a lawn guy -OR- hire a brush-clearing mower and get that back yard under control again...one day the dog is going to escape back there and we'll never know she's gone. I may just bite down and do this myself with what tools we have on hand...but that will be a painful few days and it'll have to wait until goal #1 is underway.

4. Retire my remaining credit debt. Does not include new acquisitions like this system. See goal #1 for how it's going to happen.

5. Lose some weight. As I don't have a vehicle at present...this may be easier than it sounds. I've lost a little lately as I am doing the bus/bicycle thing to work. All I would really have to do to make this happen would be to keep it up for...the rest of my life.

6. File the divorce papers already. I've got the package, I've got an agreement on finances...we still have to hash out property division and custody. Perhaps I'm putting the cart before the horse...we still need to address some issues before we're ready to file. But I *really* want to get going on this already.

7. I'm going to Disneyland. This year. I will find a way.

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