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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Progress report:

I've spent nearly three hours on the '94 engine dis-assembly. Not much progress. I've got the intake manifold off. I'm already contemplating "mixing and matching" parts as the '94 engine has higher mileage, but its parts are in better condition. I've also finally figured out a way to test the block on the '95 to see if the cylinder liner leaks or not. The '94 had a broken vacuum line. It figures - I really was at a loss to figure out why it ran so roughly and why the timing wouldn't stay put. This particular vacuum line was connected to one of the widgets that modifies the ignition timing, of course. Broken fittings; good thing I have a spare set.

Add the broken vacuum fitting to the transmission sensor connector and the broken brake light switch to the list of annoying minor details that have to be covered before I can put the engine back together on the '95. So much to keep track of. I'm already committed to using the inboard exhaust manifold on the '94 with the '95, as the manifold on the '95 has a hairline crack running right up the middle of it on the topside. I do believe I'll be consulting the manual fairly frequently before this job is over.

Kerry Newton called earlier this evening and - miracle of miracles - he has a Honda for me to look at. If I'm not going to keep the Cavalier after repairing its steering, this Honda might be a good answer to the question; "what will I be driving this winter?"

All in all, this project is looking like it will take some time; a few weeks at least. I just have to keep plugging away. I will probably make some real progress this Saturday, as we have no overtime planned at work...for a change. I hope the weather holds.

Final note: Grandma Sanderson and Aunt Pat arrived from Estevan last week. They're doing a tour of the BC relatives. They dropped in at Audrey's place a few times and I was able to visit them with the kids. Sunday Grant and Kathy and their kids and me and my kids all had an outdoor picnic in Audrey's backyard. We all caught up...and the kids got to see their cousins again. L was nowhere to be seen for either event. Grandma S looks in good spirits and it is apparent that the trip has been a good one.

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