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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Progress report: part II

Finished the breakdown on the '94 engine. I still need to extract the fluid sensor plug on the transmission housing. The engine is secured and the '94 is ready to be towed. I'll be starting the re-build as soon as I've got the transmission sensor repaired. I still need a couple of tires for the cavalier. This means I can't actually move the '94 until I've got the '95 running, as I will need a vehicle to get the wheels over to action tire. Once I've got a full complement of wheels and tires for the cavalier, I'll have the '94 van towed away and start on the cavalier's repair.

Sell the '95 once the cavalier is running.

Sell the Cavalier, once I find a suitable replacement vehicle.

If I do.

Along the way, we'll be getting rid of a mountain of JUNK from the garage and several items from my suite I'm not currently using (and am probably never going to use).

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