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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sooo...what happened in February?

I found a nice Chinese single mom from East Vancouver who wanted to take her eleven year old son to Disneyland. We went half and half on a package from Expedia. We went down Friday morning (the fifth) and are due to return today (the ninth). It's been a fun five days. We've done three days at Disney, a day at Universal Studios, and today we're going to hang out at Long Beach for awhile until we have to return to Irvine to catch our evening flight home. Not directly home, actually, we flew out from SeaTac to save money. We've still got a three hour drive from there to the border. We'll probably get home about 11PM tonight.

The boys are getting along well, they both like the same kinds of things that eleven-year-old boys like and have been on most of the same rides together. They've even managed to bring the Parental Units along on a few rides...against our better judgement. So far no-one has been sick, only minor bumps and scrapes have occurred, and everyone is in good spirits and has been getting enough sleep. My new mouth guard seems to be fairly effective at stopping my snoring but it's already starting to come apart again. I need to see Dr. Z and maybe get something stronger yet?

I sold Coral's laptop to Ramesh. I didn't test it, however, so I was embarrassed when we discovered that it wouldn't power up! I'm giving him his money back...

I haven't sold the Cavalier yet. It is drive-able, and so far the leak tracer I put in the power steering reservoir hasn't shown up. I guess it will have to be test-driven a little before we can find out where the leak is coming from. I've had some interest in it, but no-one has shown up with the cash yet.

L wants to hold off on finalizing the divorce until she's completed her last course for her TQ as a lab technician. She claims getting a job will be simplicity itself, but I'm a little doubtful. This is going to delay things (if I let it) for another six months.

Last weekend I took a road trip up to Merritt and back to celebrate Gloria's 20 Years Sobriety. She volunteers with the Nicola Valley AA and NA groups. I found out after I arrived that I was "Plan C". Part of the "cake ceremony" at these celebrations is for someone who knows the honoree well to give a short testimonial about them. The person she had originally picked wasn't able to make it and the backup didn't show either...so there I was.

I was very funny. An AA meeting is a very easy room. Kind of like the Toast Masters, but without the membership fees.

I still have a few days off this week, and I'll probably need them. I need some time off to recover from my Vacation.

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