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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I am spending a lot of time lately...cleaning things.

I've cleaned my place thoroughly.  I've even re-arranged the furniture.

I've cleaned up my tools and 'round back of the house.

I've even cleaned my deep fryer.  (It was time.)

During the Temple open house, I even volunteered for a couple of shifts cleaning there!

The reason I have so much time on my hands is that I booked off two weeks vacation last February for the end of April and beginning of May.  That's now.  I wasn't allowed to re-book the time, so I'm sitting here at home...cleaning things.

I was supposed to be in southern Alberta, seeing if I could embark on a new career as an IT tech, and helping KWY open up his new store in Lethbridge.  The financing didn't work out, so the new store isn't opening, so the new career will have to wait.  If I had the money I'd give it to KWY, but I don't.

I still have my "rice bowl".  I've also got a should-have-been-EXED-by-now wife who is taking what she swears is her very last college course before she gets to begin her dream career as a Medical Lab Assistant.  She wants me to hold off on the divorce proceedings until she graduates in November.  Oh well, it's not like I've got anywhere to go, or anything...

Sorry if it sounds like I'm throwing myself a pity party...but I feel like there's this LIFE out there waiting for me and I ought to hurry up and get started on it already!  Here, I'm just spinning my wheels.

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