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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I really ought to update these more often...

So...what happened?

An opportunity...slipped away.  I had to ask "why?".

As it turns out, the "why" was because I wasn't ready for it yet.

Or, it wasn't ready for me.


So, I wondered, what should I be doing now?  Answer: whatever you were supposed to be doing if the opportunity had never arisen.

I am doing just that.  The new (old) plan has three parts:
  1. Continue to increase my church activity and service.
  2. Get my financial house in order.
  3. Lighten my accumulation of "STUFF".
I'm having a GARAGE SALE!  The extra cash should help me bridge the gap and bring my credit line back to zero.  I'll have less to move when (or if) the time comes, and this will also help me get "in the swing" for a sell-off of my more substantial property; ie: the two junker cars I ought to be getting rid of in favor of something more...practical.  Yes, I'm thinking of yet another late summer / fall project car.

I'd love to sell off Granpa's stuff that's still filling up the garage and the shop.  But both L and her Mom have made it clear that particular Albatross is going to be more or less permanent.  I'll be long gone from here before any of Hendrik's junk is.

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