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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anytime is 'Blog time!

This will probably just be an update entry 'cause it's getting late and although I haven't written in awhile I DO have a couple of posts gestating.

First up: cars.

I finally got rid of the Cavalier.  I sold it to Kelli.

Who is Kelli, you ask?  My carpool, that's who.  Now that she's got wheels of her own...I may be able to retire from the carpool gig and start riding my bike to work again.  Of course, since my shift at work got moved to 6 AM and this means a 5 AM departure and a 4 AM wake up...I'm not entirely enthused about riding to work.  Even less enthused about riding in the DARK; all year 'round.

The Golf I am still (STILL!) sinking money into.  I've had offers to buy it from me for less than half what I bought it for.  I am seriously considering those offers because I would like to be rid of it already.  Time to admit it: I could have done better in the car department.  The Golf has needed a new windshield AND a new radiator this month alone, and although neither was especially troublesome, I feel I am up against considerable "diminishing returns".

Next up: the Job.

Well, HBC is still there, and we are still without a Collective Agreement so far.  We held a Strike Vote a few weeks ago and Lo and Behold, our Union and HBC have finally come up with an agreement that they feel fit to submit to a ratification vote.  We'll probably agree to whatever they've come up with.
Container traffic has slowed somewhat.  We aren't shipping as many cartons per day as we used to out of Central Stock.  We are shipping as many cartons per day overall as we used to...but more of our flow thru traffic is not coming out of the Central Stock department.  This meant a few shifts with yours truly being loaned out to the Shipping department to chuck cardboard all day.  Now we've had two or three machine operators with their driving privileges revoked, so suddenly I am needed in my home department.

This is getting really old...

At least I'm being spared the fate of our part time and auxiliary staff: they've been getting regular one, two and three day layoffs for the past eight weeks.  Should a person feel like they're being "shafted" when they're laid off one day in a week and then asked to work an "overtime" shift on Saturday for straight time because, after all, they only worked four of the five previous days? 


I haven't been out socially in so long I think I'm going stir crazy...I find myself literally counting the days until the paperwork is FILED and I can finally make a break with the EX.

But I'm not bitter about it, or anything.

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