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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Well, here we are again;

I simply must travel by air more often.  Sorry gang, haven't been hitting the 'ol 'blog very hard lately.  I think I may be spending too much time on FaceBook.  Then again, FaceBook is more fun...

So what's been going on lately?  I have been learning.

One of the things I have learned is about helping others: you don't have to be perfect.

Isn't that great?  Helping other people is a come-as-you-are, start-any-time, bring-your-friends-and-family-along kind of proposition.  You don't need to wait!  You just need to be willing.

Mind you, there is no helping some people...but that's a post for another time.

And yes, putting yourself out for the benefit of others can be a pain in the @$$ once in awhile...but it's often well worth it.  Why?  Because you get to see people win.  Seeing someone else win, and knowing that you helped bring that win about, is almost as satisfying as "winning" yourself. (apologies to Charlie Sheen)

In other words...there's a little bit of "fun" involved.  When vice and self-indulgence stop being fun...maybe you should check out clean living and generosity -- just sayin'.

Hmm.  Sorry, getting a bit preachy there.

So what's up next?

Back to work tomorrow, or Tuesday.  I have to check back with the office about how much accrued vacation time I don't have.  Labor day was in the middle of my 10 days off...but I think our HR people already figured that in.  I'll check.

I was off for a week prior to my vacation...oh the shame.  A pinched nerve in my neck I suffered a few years back recurred with a vengeance!  Was not expecting that.  Is OK now...despite the fact I spend the past week on the hardest innerspring mattress I've ever encountered.  Extra extra firm is NOT for me!  Will be good to get back to the Treadmill-and-Yoga routine now that my "temporary roommates" have departed for greener pastures.

Can I mention the rental car?  Economy rental is an Ontario based outfit that has recently opened outlets near Calgary and Edmonton airports.  Good Rates!  They hadn't finished licensing on two new Kias that came in...so they upgraded me to a Nissan Altima sedan.  Awesome.

Anyways; this next week I have to de-contaminate my place and replace my battered and abused Craigslist Couch.  Probably with yet another Craigslist Couch.  I foresee a Dump Run in the near future!  My Brother in Law Grant will be thrilled.

I have also GOT to get started on those six PC systems Peter and I are going to build.  If we can get an average of 200$ each, then Peter should be able to pay the money he owes me for Kim's move and have some ducats for himself. (a young Bohemian Man needs his ducats).

One final story about air travel.

I found my Leatherman multi-tool!

Or rather, the baggage scanner at YYC found it; in my laptop bag where it has apparently been all this time...including on the flight over here from Vancouver.  Oops, YVR dropped the ball there...

Not a huge problem, they made me go thru screening again, and I got to MAIL my multitool back to myself - it should arrive Friday.

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