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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmahannukwanzaayule!

I don't know who thought that one up.  I'd love to claim it...but no.  Not much happenin' in my lifes y'all...


Done with Xmas, but now I am pondering a road trip to Sunny Southern Alberta to visit kith and kin for a few days.  Could also finally get that entertainment wall unit out of the garage and back to the folks' place in Cardston.  The highways seem (mostly) clear and the weather is (mostly) amenable.  Only trouble is I would probably have to do the trip all in one go.  There is a highway closure in Revelstoke scheduled for tomorrow morning (avalanche control) that I might need to work around.  I would like to time my arrival for early AM in Cardston...but that means leaving 13 hours earlier and minimal stops for food and etc.  Most of day one at the folks place will likely be spent in recovery sleep.  It's do-able...but I'm really not as young as I used to be.

I've re-divided the space in my humble hovel: I now have a super twin waterbed which is super-comfortable to sleep on.  It sits on the south wall next to the front window of my living room.  The living room boundary is now re-defined by a three-section wall unit that I traded to Tony H for my Loft Bed.  There is a new captain's bed living in my bedroom now.  It's where Colin sleeps when he visits me.  With a bedroom of his own...I can now think about having the boy stay with me full time.  He would be able to make such a petition to the BC Family Courts once he is sixteen.  That will be in 13 months.  We'll see what transpires in the next year or so.  Speaking of Family Court and such.  Coral will be 19 years old this January.  As such, L will be eligible for support payments from me for Colin only.  That would of course change if Colin's residence changes.  Hope she's ready...

I might need to have a word with the Family Law Resource Center downtown.

Brother Roy Crabb is in my thoughts and prayers as he may be facing (yet another) surgery to keep his much used and abused body going a while longer.  The good doctors he has seen over the past week or so are surprised indeed at the amount of discomfort and pain he has endured with this latest development.  If only they knew...The ER nurses who counted the various scars and bits of metal in his body - and therefore decided on an ultrasound scan rather than an MRI - seemed surprised that he was still walking around under his own steam.  He's a tough old Hawk, our man Roy.

Paul may be passing by in the next while and I may not be here...gasp!  I would so like to meet his new missus...but family comes first; I'm sure he'll understand.

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