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Monday, February 18, 2002

How about...some short story scraps? Mebbe I can C&P some of those .hed files in here and put them up for all the world (ha ha) to see...or maybe tell y'all about my junker car.
A car officially achieves junker status when you have to start attaching pieces of other cars to it to make it run and/or hold it together. --original quote by brianarc...

We have a '90 Chev Tracker that needed part of the engine firewall replaced because it rusted through and the clutch linkage broke. Needed new clutch linkage, tacked piece of another wreck over hole to fix the firewall. Had all this automotive fun during the worst blizzard (perhaps only!) we've had this winter. Was fun getting car out of driveway afterward: E-brake cable froze up. Cannot afford to replace junker at present, will need to lay on extra layers of bubblegum and chicken wire to hold it together another 2-3 years.

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