"Keep a Journal: How else are you going to get a good look at who you were?"

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Been sick...kids got the flu, wife has the flu, I had the flu...monday was NO FUN AT ALL...
Missed a day of work, too...
My little son seems to be in the early stages at this point. I hope he'll be alright. I guess that's what children's pepto is for, right? Or whatever -- my wife usually plays "Dr. Mom".
Had the strangest dream last night...watched a homemade sci-fi flick done by the geeks I used to hang with in High School...boy, does THAT take me back! -- I realized I don't even remember half their names now...Should write Hutch a letter and let 'im know I'm thinking (he'll be impressed). Wish I could chat with Don daytimes - now that I'm working nights again - but he keeps his ICQ turned off when he's at work. Good thing, too -- blighter wouldn't get any work done otherwise!

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