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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Have put surplus worldly goods up for sale - but didn't tell my SO...Laurie got a call from a guy in town from the Island for the day about the door for sale...of COURSE she didn't know what the h*ll he was talking about. There goes 50 bucks I could've used for the Edmonton trip. No other calls so far. Have to wait and see what turns up when the ads get re-treaded online next week. I really hope I can sell the Kodiak to some Little Person in need of a high-end ATB with a 15" frame. An adult bike for adults with REAL short legs...I have decided to keep only half the proceeds from the sale of the windows and other surplus items from the reno. Sale of the bike proceeds are MINE, and will pay my airfare to and from Alberta. I still have to borrow KWY's digicam and put the laptops and parts on Ebay. Taras has been bugging me about getting on with the bike carrier project, I now know how I am going to build the little sucker, but I need to locate a source of free parts. I think a scrapyard or appliance repair shop may be my best bet for the wire rack I need. I have been pipelining cardboard boxes to KWY for his move, but my boss says enuff already! No more c-board for me...at least for a little while. Our dept. at work will probably meet its goal and score those 100k points on the company's new incentive program, thanks in part to a bit of Genius Management by my boss, Randy Squires, ALL HAIL THE BOSS MAN! He took a seemingly impossible situation and turned it into a rare opportunity to increase dept. and overall productivity for the DC. Of course, as he himself said, there could still be some fallout from this stunt...I don't care, I still think it was brilliant and it's why he SHOULD be paid the Big Bucks.

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