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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Talked to KWY again today about borrowing his digicam to put my Laptops and parts up for sale on Ebay. He was, of course, playing EverQuest at the time, and apparently my call was ill-timed at a critical juncture...his character got killed off. He'll probably never forgive me..."two hours work shot!"...hey, buddy, you were SUPPOSED to be packing boxes. I may have to help him move just to make up for this little snafu...although I hadn't originally planned on doing so. Mebbe I'll pedal my hump over there next weekend. I need the exercise anyway. MUST Must must...get the latest 1/2 life builds and mods from him on CD so I can pick up where I left off at Fragapalooza. Was playing a little DOOM classic for practice today, but I wasn't really into it.

Saw that FOX special "Did we REALLY go to the Moon?" Gotta admit, they ask some intriguing questions. I have seen a lot of sites declaring the whole Lunar Landing program a hoax, and other sites that debunk the 'hoax' sites...who ya gonna believe???

...must admit, tho, if they faked the whole thing at Area 51 (Groom Lake, Nevada), it would explain why the US military is so touchy about civilians observing the base, even from the surrounding moutain peaks ten miles away!

I propose a method of PROOVING the lunar photos and movies taken during the Apollo missions are genuine:

First, build a working computer model of the solar system (already done, just ask the guys at JPL)

Second, build a working model of the Starfield Sphere as seen from earth (ditto).

Third, and this is the tricky part, modify the output of the Starfield simulacrum to display the various celestial formations and constellations AS VIEWED FROM THE LUNAR SURFACE. Roll the time index back to 1969 thru 1973.

Fourth, dig up all those NASA Apollo photos with the beautiful starry sky in the background...and run them thru the simulation...if the photos are genuine, with the constellations viewed therein FROM THE MOON, the simulation should be able to indicate WHERE on the moon that particular photo was taken, and when. If the photos are fake...well, the construct should be able to tell us where they were shot...but I have a funny feeling that if this is the case, the location will turn out to be in the Western US, in, say...Nevada?

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brianarc said...

Wonderful. A Youtuber named Viktor Lange took some recent LRO images of the Apollo 17 site and a photo taken from the Apollo 17 LEM ascent stage (said images are 40 years apart) and with a little high-powered image editing software, got a perfect correlation. See it here: