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Friday, May 17, 2002

MAN! This weekly journal is turning into a monthly magazine...been busy.
News: got the kids their computer. Spent about 100$ fixing up the Playroom. Saw the Van for sale with the 'blown engine' - It popped a conrod cap and the piston and rod got sucked into the engine sump and jammed the crankshaft. Can I repair it? Can I persuade the Car Lot owner to let me try?...we'll see. Kwy is getting married. Most of us wonder what took him so long. He owns to having very high standards, but we just thought he was really picky. Continuing work on KWY's shindogo, and another project, a bicycle luggage rack, for TJ. Work is busy so far. Structural columns are up at the new DC, and roof trestles laid on. Walls will be erected soon.

The car broke its clutch cable - right in Mark's driveway! GREEAAAK...SNAP! Mark turns to me and says; "that didn't sound good..." No fooling...Mark's cousin got us to work only few minutes late. Got a cable next day and discovered two things: 1. Lordco sold me the wrong cable last time. 2. My attempts to make it fit and work were why it broke in the first place.
Current worries with the Junker have to do with a coolant hose (replaced in Feb.) that doesn't seem to be sealed properly.

Speaking of automotive woes: Donovan is having incredible probs with his Hyundai/Dodge/Mitsubishi/Excel/Colt/Whatever. He's tuned it up and re-tourqued the head, cleaned under the timing cover and replaced the belt. Car still runs crappy. I keep trying to persuade him that it might be the Fuel Pump, which is sort of an Achilles Heel with that particular engine, but he says she is running clean and dry. That leaves Ignition and/or Timing as the problem, and he is doggedly chasing down those possibilities. He plans to drive to Fragapalooza in July, hope his heap is ready to make the trip by then. Don was telling me that team Three Blind Mice has been joined by a fourth. Guess we'll have to change the name.

In addition to getting married, other friend KWY is moving...this means packing up his 500 title movie collection, and 2500 volume library. He's been single for a lonnnng time. He bought a house out in Clearbrook, and will be doing the long Hwy 1 run every morn into richmond from there. His work is picking up stakes and moving out there in about six months. I got him 45 boxes from work, he may ask me to get more.

Deep Link: www.downtowneastside.com - I don't usually go in for verse libre, but this guy has a way with words...at least (s)he can spell.

Computer woes: the system has been running REALLY crappy lately, unknown processes, slowdowns, Win2k begging for mercy (or a re-install). Went to symantec's site. Their 'security response' section has an ActiveX utility that is a fairly thorough virus scanner. It informed me that I had 101 INFECTED FILES...no wonder I couldn't install Norton! I got the current 'vaccine' and got the little buggers out of my system. Have installed and updated NAV, will be a good boy and not open stranger Emails from now on...

Read a funny Urban Legend type story that's been floating around the 'net lately: all about the importance of a horse's ass, and how a design feature on the most sophisticated transport system on the planet was determined 2000 years ago by just that: the width of a horse's butt.

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