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Friday, December 02, 2005

Good News: I finally confirmed that the vibration in the car's engine compartment is from a loose engine mount.

Bad News: I ran over a chunk of concrete yesterday and the BUMP! sheared off one of the two bolts holding the engine to the mount.

Well, I had planned on replacing the mount next week anyway...

Kinda freeky: we've been driving the car as little as possible, the vibration from the engine is UNREAL and a little un-nerving. Will be glad when I get it all fixed up tomorrow. This marks the third straight year in a row I have been working on my car when there was snow outside. My Haynes manual is no help, there is no procedure listed for removing the engine mounts. I have not so much as even laid eyes on the lower mounts, just the upper one. I hope that is all that will need replacing and/or fixing.

I'm going to be winging it again. My plan is to head down to the local scrapyards and locate a 2.2l OHV Cav of the same vintage as ours, take apart its upper engine mount, note how it is constructed/assembled, then tote it home and jack the engine while I dismantle the broken one and replace it with an UNbroken one.

Hmmm. Wish me luck.

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