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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Well, THAT was anti-climatic.

The engine mount replacement that I told my wife was gonna take "a few hours"...well, it took about 20 mins.


The sheared bolt end came out EASY...with just a little finger pressure. Getting the coolant tank off was simple as well: I'd forgotten that I lost the body clips and had secured it with a couple of zip-ties. Once the tank was off, getting the mount disassembled and installing the new damper was EASY. I paid 20$ for the part, while expecting to pay 50$. I spent the rest of the money on gas, washer fluid, and a new filter for the furnace. Life is good.

As usual, a one last minute gaffe occured. I forgot to take the 2x4 and jack out from under the engine...no problem, slid right out with no damage at all...but MAN, how embarrasing! I'm getting forgetful in my middle-age.

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