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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ok, here's what I had in the job jar:

-Fix the car
-Haul the trash to the landfill
-Fix the garage door
-Finish the joins in the floor
-Fix the Bathroom window

Which I did manage to get done. In addition, I also got the tub and bathroom counter re-caulked; on the advice of Father-in-law Bob, who noticed it needed doing (he was correct).

-Finish the Floor
-Finish the Stairs
-Install baseboard around the living room and hallway.

Which I didn't get done.

Win some, lose some. Still have to get it done, tho.

Laurie found a new lounger!

But someone else already bought it...

Not one to give up easily, she made some calls and tracked down precisely which Bay stores have a furniture department. We then made a quick trip the next day down to the Metrotown Bay store and found the same chair as a manager's special! After we got an eager salesman's attention, my sweetie subtly hinted that I should make myself scarce whilst she worked her magic...

They knocked over 250$ off a chair that had already been reduced to 399$

I am in awe of my wife's bargaining powers...

The new chair will be delivered Saturday.

I am going thru the same flu the kids had. No fun at all. Boy, am I ever FIGHTING this one! My body temp has been elevated for the last 3 days (not fever, immune response in overdrive). After the initial nausea and vomiting (I induced, couldn't wait to get it over with), and "etc"; I went on a liquid-only diet. Still on it, as the thought of solid food makes my tummy jumpy. Have also been sleeping a lot. Have lost a few pounds; also have been entertaining the notion that I should try the "slim-fast" plan...


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