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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Only 10 more posts (after this one) and I will have 150 posts. Then I qualify for the "blogger bonus": a free sub at Quiznos.

No, not really...

Had a terriffic (and complicated?) visit with Gloria M on Tuesday...she's in town for her Aunt's funeral. She seems to be taking to single life very well (again). She spent a lot of our time together telling me how wonderful I am...you see why we've been friends for so long?

I've been sick the past week. I am also on vacation while the kids are home from Spring Break. L is still working, of course, and speaking of L and her job...

...She's decided to pursue a Career. She's been having a lot of fun at her BCLC job, and she enjoys how much the people she deals with every day appreciate her and the good work she does. But she knows that she could make more money/benefits if she pursued something else. So she took a look at Transcription, and Medical Transcription in particular. She's presently enrolled in a once-a-week night course at VCC downtown. She's going gangbusters on her course, and needs only her english equivalency and another specialty course to qualify for a position somewhere like the admin dept. at Surrey Memorial Hostpital (for example). She's also pretty sure we'll need another car eventually, so that she and I can commute to our respective jobs. Problem: we can't *afford* another car.

So I found one for free.

Actually...Kudos and Props to my main man Marv Walling at 507 for finding the car. His neighbor, a nice lady who teaches at BCIT, was going to give the car away for a charity tax-credit...but he persuaded her that it would be better to give it to someone who could actually *use* it.

I am now in possession of a 1992 Eagle Summit Wagon.

I'll post some pictures later, right now it's in pieces.

The Wagon (mini minivan van?) has three major issues: a busted heater core line, which is spouting coolant all over the front footwells; a clunking transmission, which I 'm going to let Dennis Blackwell at Blackwell Transmissions handle; and warped front brake rotors, which I will replace myself.

The engine is in pretty good shape...it's a strong runner. Apart from some minor body damage, it will make a perfectly acceptable transport.

More later.

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Karen said...

You should really stop referring to you and L as "we", as you are, according to her, no longer a "we"...