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Friday, July 10, 2009

100$ worth of Groceries on a bicycle.

Things I learned:

Grocery shopping takes on a whole new aspect when you have to schlep all the goods home yourself.

Secure the basket before you load it.

Mind how you arrange your bungee cords.

Putting eggs between cans and bags of frozen food is not a good idea, especially if the un-secured basket falls over.

My Schwinn can safely support 350 lbs...but braking can be a bit tricky.

That promotional ruck sack that my Ex thrifted (and my daughter used for her paper route) has really strong straps

It's probably better to buy only the necessities on one trip, and the "other stuff" another day; instead of trying to transport two weeks worth of groceries all at once.

I really wish Superstore would stock 2l jugs of milk. 4l jugs are really heavy.

I'll be going back tomorrow for more eggs. Nice to know what the parameters are for "cycle shopping". In hindsight; I probably shouldn't have forged ahead without some more work on how to pack the goods for transport. I've been running low on almost everything lately...but now I am pretty well stocked. Except for eggs.

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