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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I think I have the last of the details I was looking for...

Just by chance today; I was talking with Brother Kerry Newton and told him about the plans to remove the engine from the '95 van and drop in the engine from the '94. I also mentioned that I was hoping to do so without removing the transmission, and that I did not know how to detach the torque converter from the engine block. He explained it to me, in detail. He even drew me a diagram. The only remaining questions are: can I get the transmission shifted into neutral so I can rotate it, and will the used hoist I bought be okay? The lift arm on the hoist is a little "wrinkled" as the previous owner used it to lift out a big V8 diesel. I suspect that the engine's size wasn't the cause of the damage, but rather his failure to completely detach the engine before trying to lift it.
This unit has been strained beyond its capacity and while I'm certain it will lift out the engine by itself...I'm not sanguine about lifting the engine and transmission as a unit. I will review the procedure and what Kerry told me and decide. Goal is to have the swap done this week and the van up for sale in August. Once the van is done, I move on to get the garage and yard cleaned up. Once the van is sold, I will be selling the remaining parts and the hoist, I think.

I'll be buying the replacement vehicle I ought to have bought in the first place. I'm thinking a mid to late nineties VW...perhaps a Jetta or a Golf. Economical, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, and easy to maintain. I'd love a Honda, but they're getting scarce these days.

I'll also be selling some of the other "stuff" I've acquired lately. The recumbent exercise bike has got to go. It does provide a good workout...but I'd rather ride a real bicycle and I'm doing that every day now. I won't be riding come wintertime, or at least when it snows, but I can't see that I will suffer too much. I may just go ahead and buy an indoor wind trainer; perhaps one of the compact ones that straps to the back wheel. I've still got a couple of TVs and computer items that quite frankly I couldn't sell if I wanted to, so they're going out to the recyclers. It's time to lighten up my life...

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