"Keep a Journal: How else are you going to get a good look at who you were?"

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Things that have gone right so far:

I've lost weight. I now have 2 suits I can wear to church.

I'm riding my bike. I have gradually increased the distance of the ride to where time and distance are just about optimum for my age and current fitness level. I've had to overhaul the new bike's bottom bracket; the first 3 piece cartridge bracket I've ever dealt with.

I've fixed the broken stud on the head. The manifold is still cracked, but again, that's what JB Weld is for.

I've found TWO sockets on the roadside in the past few weeks. Both were useful additions to my current tool collection.

I paid my property tax assessment, I'm broke...this has put the engine job on hold for the moment because I can't afford to have the heads machined (and I want them machined) until I get paid again. On the upside, I can sell a bunch o' stuff for extra cash. I've got a real incentive to do so now.

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