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Monday, September 07, 2009

More on the Van;

The parts of the engine that require laying on the ground underneath the van are all done...almost. I'm still going to remove the oil filter (I was going to replace it anyways) so I can re-route the alternator wiring around the filter housing. Right now, it's stuck between the filter and the starter.

I need to replace a couple of the wheel covers on the passenger side.

The weatherstrip seal around the sliding door has a hole poked in it, fortunately the same seal on the '94 is intact; so I'll be replacing it.

I'll need a Simoniz (tm) Fix-it paint scratch repair pen. Some antisocial...individual...has repeatedly keyed the passenger side of the van. Not too bad, but bad enough to be annoying. All these minor fix ups so I can get as much ca$h as possible for the van when I sell it, which will hopefully be sometime REAL soon.

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