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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Still not done the van engine...

Sorry I didn't get that update done; I spent the day in bed instead.

It's not that I can't figure out each piece and subsystem of the engine.

It's that I keep forgetting (as usual) in which order to install the parts!

Tonight I put the lift bracket on the outboard exhaust manifold. I forgot it when putting the manifolds back on the heads. Then I torqued up the cam sprockets and it wasn't until I finished that I realized that I couldn't fix the timing on the sprockets because the brackets that have the timing marks on them - which get installed behind the sprockets!!! - hadn't been installed yet.


It's been a Not So Good Day. We were short staffed at work too.

I can hardly wait 'till this week is over. The seasonal rains will be kicking in about...tomorrow, I think. Arrgh. I hate riding in the rain. However, until I fix up a working set of wheels; I really have no option, do I?

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