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Sunday, December 27, 2009

...And then there was one.

I sold Mean Green, the other Dodge Caravan, yesterday. Only two people came to look at it. Both offered me 1500$ for it. Only one had 1500$ cash with them when they came. Guess which one took it home? Now I have to get the Cavalier back on the road; shouldn't be too difficult. I just wish I didn't have to work on it outdoors. I also wish I didn't have to bicycle to work in December...but you do what you have to do.

I'll be heading over to Kathy's today to visit my folks and do "Uncle Brian's Bag-O-Gifts Exchange". It really isn't that difficult to wrap up a dozen or so gift items for under 100$ I also got Kath and Grant a present just for them. The kids will swap amongst themselves for what they want. Nobody is excluded except Jacob...it will be a few years yet before I'll be including him. The game only works with gifts that nearly all ages can use, and Jacob is still at that age where gifts have to be tailored specifically to a preschooler.

I've had a good Christmas thus far. In spite of spending most of it alone, I have still visited and talked to family and friends, got to play with my kids, and had a pleasant Christmas Dinner with the Newtons and Flores' families. Thanks to Kerry for inviting me. He's been a true Brother and a good friend all through the separation.

Coming up, I'll be selling the Cavalier as soon as it is fixed. I'll probably have to clean out the garage because there is a good chance we'll have more snow sometime in the following weeks and I just can't see myself fixing that steering rack in a snowbank. I'll also be purchasing another car, and possibly another curbing project (we'll see). I have also laid the groundwork for a re-arrangement of my finances with an eye towards finally laying aside all my credit debt this year. That trip to Disneyland I didn't get to go on this year? - It's going to happen next year, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. I've also got the papers together to file for divorce. I was advised to see what options BC Family Law society could offer towards getting all the interested parties 'round a table to discuss a less expensive joint filing plan. I'll try that, I think, but if that doesn't work, I'll be filing solo and all the custody and property arrangements will have to be hashed out in court. I'm hoping the expense of that alone will persuade my Ex and her mother to play along with a mutually agreed upon joint filing.

We'll see. Here goes nothing...

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