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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kudos and Props...

To Scott Road Husky Service Center.

They not only ran the van's engine thru an analyzer, and "scoped" the ignition timing, but they also took the van through AirCare for me - thus saving me the trouble of doing it myself. The van runs very well now and I consider this money very well spent. Wayne's only advice to me was to swap out the lower-temperature thermostat for one in the normal temperature range. He says fuel injected engines run best at the higher range. It's an easy fix so I'll see to it sometime in the next few days.

Got a nice Email from Paul. Had a nice visit with Gloria. She "surfed" my couch last night and I got her to the ferry terminal this morning. She's visiting her Mom on the Island. Kelli made me some homemade chicken soup (YUM) and a nice card.

Also got to see Mom and Dad. They're in town for a few days.

Red Mittens: who knew?

HBC is selling (about 10$ each pair) Red Wool Mittens. The mitts in question have the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics logo and are lined with polar fleece inside. The stores have been running out of them constantly. It seems everyone wants a pair; and at 10$, how can you go wrong?

Of course, I work at the warehouse...and shipments and stock do get "misplaced" from time to time. Such a mishap resulted in a couple of cases of the coveted Mittens ending up at our HR office, offered for sale to the DC staff. I bought a few pair. I have connections.

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Karen said...

I have a pai and I love them