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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why does technology have to be so difficult?

I've got a new phone...

And a new phone number.

The new phone I was planning on...but not the new number. I was told that my old phone number could be "ported" to the new phone if that phone was being activated with a new account.


I signed up for the Bell Mobility account through HBC's Associate Buying Club. It was all automated, and my new phone and contract arrived already activated and with a number assigned. I was informed that I could pay extra to have my old number added to the new phone...or I could just tell everybody I've got a new phone number. Hmmmm...pay extra...nope, I don't think so.

It's also been a major hassle getting Rogers to shut down the old account. I may have to visit my friendly neighborhood Rogers retailer and see about getting "un-accounted". It seems that somebody (me?) set up a PIN for the account and since L doesn't know it and I can't remember either...We eventually got Rogers to accept that since L already has a new single user account and I am with Bell now, maybe they should cancel our old, expired, joint wireless account.

After the joint phone account is gone...the only remaining "joint" possession L and I will have is the house...

-I don't account my children as "possessions".

This sounds like a good juncture to get going on filing "the paperwork", eh?

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