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Monday, October 12, 2009

Well...yes, actually.

The Caravan's engine is running without steaming. I was so elated that I threw caution to the winds and took it thru aircare on Saturday without so much as a tune-up.

It didn't pass. Then again, I wasn't really expecting it to.

All the emissions gear is in place and evidently working correctly, so they gave me a 90 day conditional. I could try a tune up and some automotive patent medicine (ie: Bardahl No Smoke), but I think it will be easier if I just flog this sucker outside the Lower Mainland. It looks good, it runs strong, it doesn't leak anything, and the transmission has less than 3000k on it. VMR says I can get about 2000 for it. I can only ask for that here in Vancouver if it passes aircare. We'll see.

I'm changing careers.

It's time. My heart just isn't into working for HBC anymore. I dented the conveyor incline at work while swapping out a clamp attachment on the #2 dockstocker. When you keep running into things because your mind is elsewhere...and you long ago stopped caring whether or not you are "getting the job done"...it's time to move on.

Here's where I am.

Separated 18 months. Financial part of separation agreement set out. No agreement yet for property division or child custody.

Credit debt: I have the means to pay it off in full now, if I want to starve for awhile. Instead I will park some (at 2%) and pay off the rest.

Assets: 1 used vehicle in good condition ready for sale. A second used vehicle needing a minor repair and a replacement tire. My great Aunt's legacy also arrived and I will be seeing about its disposition. Savings account is solid. Separation package from HBC will likely include getting my pension contributions back. Enough, perhaps, to go back to school for a few months?


The thought of shifting out of my comfort zone ("rut"), no longer scares me. This is a time of opportunity, and I'm actually a little excited about it.

Stay tuned.

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