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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Am I ever going to have wheels before winter?

Checked in with Atkinson and Terry insurance tonight. Turns out the plates from the white van are now no good because the insurance is expired. The green van needs aircare, so I can't even put plates on it. I don't think it will pass aircare because it's still blowing a little steam...not nearly as much as the first time, mind you; but bad enough.

I may just take it through anyway on Saturday. What have I got to lose?

In the meantime, I need to get my one and only (so far) credit card back up and active so I can buy a bottle of blue devil and hope that seals up the engine. Ditto for coolant flush, a flush kit (or new hose clamps for mine), and fresh coolant. Might also want to do an oil change before this is over. Oh, and I could really use some additive to quiet down the valve lifters. One of them is probably stuck, if the castanet player under the hood is any indication.

I am wondering about the wisdom of trying to unload this sucker. If I can get everything to work, will it be worth it?

I'm already dealing with...issues.

The fuel gauge doesn't work. I am told that a solid hit with a rubber mallet on the fuel tank will sometimes jar 'em loose. I may give that a try. The battery keeps going dead, and for no good reason that I can tell. I think I gave Dad back his old charger before they moved. Granpa Stouten's charger doesn't work at all. I keep having to pull the battery from the cavalier to start the van.

The Cavalier is another issue. L didn't just grab that new tire she bought for it, she grabbed the whole wheel. A replacement will cost 25$ from a wrecker; maybe I can get one with a tire still attached? Yeah...keep on dreaming. The steering rack appears to be functional. If I can determine what bit of the steering gear is leaking (my favorite suspect is the connecting hoses), I may just replace whatever is worn, rather that replacing the whole steering rack.

So much to do...and all before it starts to freeze.

I figure I have about another ten days...at most.

Stay tuned.

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