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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Update Time!

Work: I'm re-instated and no further incidents to report. We've instituted a new system for our storage trailers that is working well enough that I am confident we will get through most (if not all) of our backlog by the time I go on vacation in two weeks. I don't know who came up with this system but it's sheer genius. I no longer have to call trailers on and wait to see if they show up. We were getting 2-4 trailers done per shift using that "method". Now, I make up a list of outstanding pick trailers (usually dates from the previous week or earlier - eek!) and we run three doors on the crossdock. All I have to do is tell the gatehouse when I'm finished a door and to bring the next trailer. More precisely; the next trailer that they are able to find and move easily. Our yard is uncommonly crowded lately and it is going to take another week or so to get the situation under control. From a list of say, twenty trailers, they are usually able to find and move at least half of them. I've gone from 2 per shift up to 8 or more per shift. Running three doors means very little wait time between picks. Ideally; I'll be working one door, while a new trailer is being put on at the second door, and another (finished) trailer is being taken away from the third! Like I said, this is working really well.

The Caravan Adventure: the Final Chapter.

I managed to get the crankshaft pulley bolt and harmonic balancer off the crankshaft without an impact wrench. I removed the starter and jammed three Stanley screwdrivers into the starter port. You know, the screwdrivers with the big acrylic handles that are shaped like gears? Did a very effective job of holding the engine still while I removed and later re-installed the bolt. Ended up with ring gear marks on my large #2 Roberts, but more importantly; no damage to the engine or transmission. Today I'm going to complete the re-re-re-assembly, and hopefully the bucket 'o bolts will run this time. I believe that it will. Then...insurance and aircare, and THEN I have to "doll it up" to prep it for sale. Paint scratches, spots on the carpet, that sort of thing. Might also take a pressure washer to the underside of the engine compartment.

Got a few errands to run with it too...before I let it go up for sale.

It's getting on towards noon now...I best get going on it.

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